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State leaders at a national meeting gather for a picture with the 44th Treasurer of the United States, Jovita Carranza.



Mission Statement: SFOF’s mission is to promote fiscally responsible public policy, partner with key stakeholders, and educate the public about the role of finance in a free market economy.


In an age when people are skeptical of elected officials, state financial officers have the public’s trust. Several polls have shown that when it comes to state fiscal matters, state treasurers and state auditors are trusted nearly 70% of the time over their state’s governor or member of congress.


At SFOF we’re here to help encourage one another to be good stewards of that trust and become better public servants by sharing best practices and hosting honest discussions with financial industry and political leaders. That’s what we continue to do at our two annual national gatherings.


Our politics in federal and state government is more polarizing than it has ever been. That’s why today it’s more important than ever before that state governments do all they can to protect these statewide elected office’s and give them the resources they need to be a true check and balance on every tax dollar being processed through their office.


SFOF is founded on the belief that state financial officers nationally are playing a much greater role in promoting fiscally responsible public policy. SFOF continues to organize a select group of leaders from the public and private sectors to help state financial officers develop and implement various free market, pro-growth policies.


Today, the states in the U.S. with the soundest financial condition and with the highest credit ratings, are those that have been managed conservatively with small government, pro-growth policies. We believe these results are the direct outcome of such policies.


As we look to the future, SFOF is the premier conservative organization bringing elected and appointed financial officers together with the nation’s top private sector companies and organizations. On behalf of our financial officers we thank our private sector partners and national meeting sponsors for all that they do to support SFOF!


If you would like more information on how to become an SFOF corporate partner or a national meeting sponsor email derek@statefinancialofficers.com.



I. Free Enterprise

As State officers, we are committed to preserving the public trust and complying with the laws and ethical principles that govern us. Our founders recognized that economic prosperity was a precondition to political stability. We believe that the political success of our country is founded on a free enterprise system. With appropriate and limited safeguards, fair and open competition in the private sector creates the best results for society. In fact, no economic system ever devised has lifted more people out of poverty than the free enterprise system. Individuals, not government, are best positioned to make critical decisions that affect their very lives.


Thus, we aim to:

1. Promote policies that encourage jobs and stimulate economic growth.

2. Design regulations that are necessary but not burdensome. Regulations should encourage a level playing field and punish those who cheat. They should not force private enterprise into a regulatory labyrinth of paperwork and unnecessary rules nor should they benefit one business over another.

3. Create a responsible budget that enables future generations to build the society they want. Annual budget deficits escalating our national debt undermine our sons’ and daughters’ ability to preserve fundamental principles and build the nation they want. High debt loads impair economic growth and shackle the dreams of future generations.

4. Build a fair and efficient tax system. Our current system of high tax rates is riddled with carve-outs and exceptions. Businesses and individuals cannot plan for the future. Government shouldn’t tax more than is necessary to fund its essential functions and taxpayers should understand how and why the taxes are imposed.

Attendees gather with U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft and U.S. Rep. Ron Estes (KS-4) at the Jefferson Memorial after the two led a monument walking tour at a SFOF National Meeting in Washington, D.C.

II. Shared Political Authority

Our country was founded on a belief that a system of checks and balances is the best protection against an all-powerful elite. National and state governments share political authority, divided between national and state levels and spread across three separate but complementary branches.
Under our Constitution, the federal government has very limited responsibilities. Most responsibilities are left to the states because government closest to the people governs best. The states, therefore, must be more than super-lobbyists to the federal government. Rather than submitting to or making petition to the federal government, the states should assume responsibility for education, economic development, healthcare, and land use. Unless the Constitution gives the federal government clear authority, the states should have primacy.

III. A Just Society

Government exists to promote a just society. As free people, we cede only enough authority to government to receive vital protections in return. In our country, only one social class should exist: Citizen of the United States. We should extend that privilege to all who wish to abide here lawfully, obey our laws, and respect our Constitution. Our society does not guarantee equality of result, but we do promise equality of opportunity to all.


SFOF is organized as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. Contributions to SFOF are tax-deductible as charitable contributions.


All views, positions, opinion, statements and recommendations expressed at any SFOF event or provided in any SFOF print or digital publication should not be construed as an endorsement for, or opposition to, any candidate, potential candidate, political party, or PAC by SFOF.

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