Our principles & values



Mission Statement: SFOF’s mission is to drive fiscally sound public policy, by partnering with key stakeholders, and educating Americans on the role of responsible financial management in a free market economy.


The public-at-large is generally very skeptical of elected officials. However, state financial officers have the public’s trust. Several internal polls have shown that when it comes to state fiscal matters, state treasurers and state auditors are trusted nearly 65% of the time over their state’s governor or member of Congress.


At SFOF, we’re here to help encourage one another to be good stewards of that trust and become better public servants by sharing best practices and hosting honest discussions with the financial industry and political leaders. That’s what we continue to do at our two annual national gatherings.


Politics in federal and state government is increasingly polarized. Elected officials at all levels are under increasing pressure to adopt progressive policies that undermine economic freedom and hurt economic growth. It’s more important than ever to reinforce and protect these trusted statewide elected offices and give them the resources they need to be a true check and balance on every tax dollar being processed through their office.


SFOF is founded on the belief that state financial officers nationally are playing a much greater role in promoting fiscally responsible public policy. SFOF continues to organize a select group of leaders from the public and private sectors to help state financial officers develop and implement free-market, pro-growth policies.


Today, the states in the U.S. with the soundest financial condition and with the highest credit ratings are generally those that have been managed conservatively with small government, pro-growth policies. We believe these results are the direct outcome of such policies.


As we look to the future, SFOF is the premier free-market organization. We invite you to join us by supporting SFOF! For more information contact us by emailing info@sfof.com.

State leaders at a national meeting gather for a picture with the 44th Treasurer of the United States, Jovita Carranza.




We believe that with appropriate and limited safeguards, fair and open competition in the private sector creates the best results for society. We believe in promoting policies and programs that encourage jobs, stimulate economic growth, and provide for positive economic outcomes for the citizens of our states. When men and women are free and their property rights are secure, they work, exchange, save, invest, build, invent, innovate, and prosper. Economic freedom has been a powerful engine of growth that has dramatically improved the lives of billions of people around the world.



The Constitution is the foundation of the rule of law in the United States. It provides for the separation of powers and defines the functions of government. We champion the constitutional limitations contained in the U.S. Constitution, as well as the freedoms outlined in the Bill of Rights.



We understand that the states are the laboratories of Democracy. Under our Constitution, the federal government has defined and limited responsibilities. All other responsibilities are left to the states and to the people. Because our country is so vast and diverse, we believe that government closest to the people governs best. Policymakers should look to the states for innovation and problem-solving.



We believe that as elected state financial leaders we have tremendous responsibility and authority in our states. In keeping with that responsibility, we believe it is important to foster transparency and accountability in our state governments in matters of statutory compliance, budget, taxation, and other financial matters in which we direct or indirect authority.



We uphold the fundamental principle of a free society: that all men and women are endowed by their Creator with the inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The role of government is to protect these God-given rights. SFOF understands that only in a free society where the power of government is strictly limited will individuals have the scope to exercise their minds, talents, and skills to solve problems and pursue prosperity, and exercise their freedoms.



We are committed to creating space for conversation, the exploration of ideas, vigorous debate, and a genuine learning experience at our events. By protecting freedom of speech of both public and private sector partners, SFOF allows for a diversity of ideas to be expressed and considered. We call on all to engage with civility in the search for solutions to our states’ and nation’s fiscal issues.

For more information on how to get involved email info@sfof.com.

Attendees gather with U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft and U.S. Rep. Ron Estes (KS-4) at the Jefferson Memorial after the two led a monument walking tour at a SFOF National Meeting in Washington, D.C.