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Former Sen. Tom Coburn dies after years-long battle with cancer

All of us at the State Financial Officers Foundation are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of  Senator Tom Coburn. Senator Coburn has served as a member of SFOF’s National Advisory Committee since its inception in 2013.


Senator Coburn was the leading conservative voice on many issues during his tenure as a United States Senator. He was man of great faith. He used his faith, and his belief in building lasting relationships, to reach across the aisle and garner bipartisan support on numerous occasions. He was a true statesman.


He was a champion of the taxpayer working to bring transparency to how the federal government spent taxpayer dollars. He and his staff compiled an annual “Wastebook” of spending items they considered frivolous.


SFOF Board President John Hart served Sen. Coburn as his Communications Director and co-authored two books with Sen. Coburn entitled, “Breach of Trust: How Washington Turns Outsiders into Insiders” and “The Debt Bomb: A Bold Plan To Stop Washington From Bankrupting America.”


On behalf of our board of directors, all of the state treasurers, state auditors and financial officers, we send our deepest sympathies and prayers to his family during this tough time.

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