SFOF Media Policy

SFOF provides social, traditional and online journalists with the data, tools and analysis needed to accurately cover stories involving state financial officers including treasurers, auditors, CFO’s and comptrollers. In an effort to provide this service, SFOF waives the cost of publications and registration fees for meetings to credentialed members of the media.


Definition of Credentialed Media


In order for members of the media to participate in SFOF meetings or obtain copies of publications, you must be a credentialed member of the media. SFOF retains the right to grant media passes to print journalists (newspapers, magazine), broadcast journalists (radio or television), wire and news services for redistribution to other news organizations, or online news services (electronic dissemination rather than conventional print and broadcast distribution).


SFOF does not allow journalists to register as media for the purpose of writing a personal blog, or for persons whose news outlet is funded by an individual; political candidate or party; nonprofit; or activist/lobbying organization.


SFOF only accepts registrations during normal business hours, and media credentials are not granted until confirmation has been offered by SFOF staff.


Even if payment is made to attend an SFOF meeting, the following terms and conditions still apply.


You may contact Derek Kreifels with additional questions.


Terms and Conditions for Use of Media Credentials at SFOF Meetings


  • SFOF media credentials must be visible at all times at the meeting
  • Panel Discussions and publicworkshops are open to members of the media
  • SFOF media credentials are not transferable
  • Members of the media may not solicit, advocate, rally or collect signatures on behalf of a political cause, issue or individual at an SFOF event in which they have registered as members of the media
  • All requests to record or videotape at any SFOF meeting or function for the purpose of rebroadcasting must be made and approved through the SFOF staff contact
  • All SFOF publications, including PDFs, are the property of SFOF and may not be reproduced, uploaded or distributed without the written consent of the SFOF contact
  • SFOF has the right to remove individuals from a meeting or function who do not abide by the above terms and conditions